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Additional update - 8:31 PM

We have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding a video that was released this morning. It shows Bryan being yelled at by a Dodger fan while inside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day. It also shows Bryan being, well... Bryan. Hands up, staying in his seat and non-confrontational. This video is hard to watch, not only for the obvious reason that Bryan was taunted both in the video and after, but to see his face, scared and not wanting an altercation. We hope this video puts to rest the rumor that Bryan is aggressive. He simply wanted to watch his Giants play. A perfect example of its JUST a game.

Bryan has been very sleepy these past few days. We try to not get discouraged when before he was more alert, eyes tracking and now, not so much. In our last post we mentioned patience and how important it is. It's tough at times. We don't show Bryan our exhaustion, or our fears or our frustration. We lean on each other, our friends and all of Bryan's supporters.
For the past few days Bryan has been tentatively scheduled to have a shunt put into his head. They did a CT scan last week and it was found that he has some excess fluid in his brain. A small incision is made and the shunt is placed in. Then, the tube is snaked down behind his ear, down his chest, with the end draining into his abdomen. Dr. Manley said it is not uncommon around this stage for the shunt to have to be put in, and it's not an uncommon procedure. Bryan was originally supposed to have it on Friday of last week, but a urine infection postponed it. Even if it's not an uncommon surgery, we still worry and pray everything is fine. Hopefully the surgery will make him less sleepy.
These past few weeks brought another round of amazing cards, letters, comments on this site and gifts for Bryan and Tyler and Tabitha. When Bryan wakes up and sees how generous people have been, we know he will be as overwhelmed with gratitude as we are.

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From Dave, Bryan's Dad:

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers for Bryan. Also, thank you for your Father's Day messages to both Bryan and I. I got hugs from my two daughters today... but one hug was missing. I'm looking forward to the day that I get three... Happy Father's Day to all of you.


From Bonnie & Erin:

On a side note: we went to see Motley Crue in San Francisco with Bryan's roommate Danny and friends Thomas, Cindy and Rob. We have attended Motley concerts with him in the past, so needless to say he was in our thoughts all night. Especially when they played Home Sweet Home. During part of the show, Tommy Lee did an amazing drum solo..while going in circles on this giant, round rollercoaster type setup. We videotaped it and showed it to Bry the next day. He stared at it the entire 3 plus minutes of it. Bryan, on the long list of reasons for you to get better, we have added that you have concerts to attend. They aren't the same without you. Happy Fathers Day from your seeesters.
(Web administration apologizes these did not post on Sunday.)

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Still no brain seizures as the sedation is slowly coming out of Bryan's system. The doctors are hoping this coming week to really be able to examine him for voluntary responsiveness. Up until now all movements have been involuntary.

He still looks great and has even started to snore again! It's like music to our ears!

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We talked to the head neurologist this morning. Bryan was experiencing small seizures so they are taking him off the 2 sedations he was on and putting him on a high dose of a heavy sedation. He will be sedated for a few days to let his brain rest. The good news is there is brain activity. Once the seizing stops and the brain is calm, they will slowly try to remove him from the sedation. Because it's so heavy, it could take a few days for it to clear his system. 

Thank you again for the thoughts, prayers and tons of cards we're receiving!
~The Stows

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Bryan is still under heavy sedation. The doctors xray'd his neck to make sure there was no damage. His neck looked good so they removed his neck brace for the first time and shaved him... still not awake but looking more like our handsome Bryan.

Keep the prayers coming!

Bryan's Sister

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