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Wow. What a year. You would think that March 31st would have been what defines 2011 for our family. But actually, it’s what we take away from that horrible day that defines it. We have witnessed so much love and support. We are praying 2012 will be better for Bryan, Tyler and Tabitha.

Bryan continues with his therapies, exhausted at the end of each day. His therapists are working with him on using a manual wheelchair, instead of the electric one. His arms are so stiff and his reaction time is slow, so they want him to practice bringing each arm up onto the wheels and pushing down. He is able to move the chair little by little, but he has to be reminded to bring his hands back up to the top each time and it is a slow process. He got Botox in his left leg to loosen his ankle since his left foot doesn't go flat when they have him standing at the pedestal. We mentioned to the doctor that if they happened to have any extra Botox, we would be happy to take it off their hands. Wouldn't want it to go to waste, would we?

Jacque, Tyler and Tabby would like to thank everyone for your love and support. Tyler and Tabby received gifts for Christmas that were sent from people they have never met. We know that throughout this, they have learned of all the good people that are out there. People who are standing behind them and their dad every step of the way. Its a lesson they learned the hard way, but its one they will remember forever. Jacque: Tyler and Tabitha could not have had a better support system than what they have with you, Sam, M, and the people surrounding you. We love you guys.

Since March 31st, the 4 of us have been devastated, humbled, torn down and lifted up again. We are far from being a perfect family and we have never claimed to be. This year has shown that we will be united not just the four of us, but Bryan included. We have remained by his side from the beginning and will forever be by his side for as long as he wants us there.

Along the way, we have met some incredible people who will be a part of our family for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, it also brought people into our lives who have hurt us, made us doubt ourselves and tried to tear us apart. It’s because of our love for each other and the support we have received from our family, friends and thousands of strangers that have helped us overcome the negativity that came along with this. And for this, we will be forever grateful.


# Paulio
Sunday, January 01, 2012 4:33 PM
Happy New Year, Stow Family. I know I'm not alone in hoping this year will be a better year for your family.

I'm so glad to hear that you aren't letting one day, horrible and traumatic as it was, define who you are and how you want to feel. Obviously what happened to Bryan that day has forever changed the course of his life and yours, but that still doesn't define you. You were a family before all this happened, and you are a family still.

Now, nine months later, many of us who were touched by Bryan's story are still following along on this website. That's why I'm writing this post. It's New Year's Day and I've got plenty to do around the house, but somehow Bryan's name popped into my head, as it does just about every day.

So here's to you, Bryan. You're an inspiration. I know we'd all turn the clock back if we could, and restore you to your old life. But since we can't do that, we can at least cheer from the sidelines and tell you that your determination and strength are truly breathtaking to behold. I hope 2012 brings you continued improvement and progress. Keep up the hard work. And do not share your botox. Your sisters are beautiful enough without it!
# laura
Sunday, January 01, 2012 5:55 PM
oMG I have tears, Your posting often do that to me. The fact that you are not bitter is unreal to me. Each and everyday you teach me (and others) how to act. How to not let one thing define us. I have a lot to learn from you. As I have I will continue to pray for the whole family. Bryan you are my hero and I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work I know it hard on you but you can do it!
Love your humor, it's incredible. You always seem to make me smile after I cry. Thanks. Hope to meet you one day. But until then we will pray for you.
Love Ya and happy 2012
# Renee
Sunday, January 01, 2012 6:01 PM
Happy New Year! Please remember that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. My son and I think of Bryan often and pray that God would give him strength and courage as he continues on his journey. Your family is amazing and an inspiration to all of us as we watch Bryan's progress. We wish you all many blessings in this upcoming year.

Much Love,
Renee and Austin Cartwright
# Mona
Sunday, January 01, 2012 6:16 PM
Happy New Year, Stow Family. Thank you for continuing to share such eloquent updates. Through this site you have given us (your world of fans) the privilege of rooting for Bryan (for all of you) on a more personal, daily level. I have come to think so much of all of you and truly do feel lucky to "know" you. I continue to wish Bryan the greatest of recoveries and all of you his biggest fan club the strength to stand by both him and yourselves. Please don't forget to take even a few moments each day to relax in whatever form that may be. All of you make such a difference and are most definitely a wonderful definition of human triumph and kindness over horrible evil. Peace, Love, brighter days, including first pitches ahead. :)
# Deana
Sunday, January 01, 2012 6:33 PM
God bless you all. I still continue to pray for all of you, especially Bryan, every night of my life. I thank God for all of Bryan's progress & will continue to do so. 2012 is going to be a good year. Bryan will continue to get stronger, as will all of you, including Tabitha & Tyler. Continue to do what you're doing. It's working!!
# chad mochrie
Sunday, January 01, 2012 7:05 PM
Wishing Bryan and the entire Stow family a happy new year. Nothing can change the past but following Bryan's story since it happened has become a source of hope for me. It's amazing how people from all walks of life can pull together and bring out the best of humanity. It's so inspirational to see Bryan's fight and I hope 2012 will bring much progress to his recovery. Praying for a miracle that he will have the courage to rise above the expectations of his doctors and be completely healed in the near future. All the best to the Stow's and extended family in 2012.

Chad Mochrie
Burbank, CA
# Bryan's Fan
Sunday, January 01, 2012 9:21 PM
Happy New Year!!! Thank you for being an inspiration and a bright light in this world; you are an amazing man, Bryan. Thinking of you all and sending best wishes your way. Happy 2012!
# becky tinlin
Sunday, January 01, 2012 9:33 PM
That is a beautiful letter that brought tears to my eyes, but I am also aware of what you say...the best of the best come out in love and support when the chips are down and the chips for your whole extended family were waaaaaaaay down. But God is good and meets us where we are and I am so excited for this year for Bryan. He is full of determination, that is for sure, and I am so happy for all of you. May THIS year be joyful and healthy and are a rock star! ! ! ! Bless you all.
# Jacque Kain
Sunday, January 01, 2012 10:01 PM
An ubelievable year has finally come to an end...Though it was hard and many life changes occurred, I have tried to remain positive. Not just for me but for my kids and everyone involved. To my Stow Family: Simply put, I love you. I admire your strength, determination and your love for one is absolutely amazing. It is very easy to see where Bryan gets his strength from! To the 1000's of people who have been there for Bryan and his children from the beginning:....Thank You! From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Your support, love, encouragement and strength is felt with every passing day by my children and myself. Words could never express just how much it has helped us all. Happy New Year to all and we pray that 2012 will bring more strength, positivity and love.
# Gina Fiore
Monday, January 02, 2012 2:31 PM
Your postings continue to inspire. It will be the beginning of my third year since my stroke. Whenever I get depressed about the slowness of my progress, I think about Bryan and all that he is going though, and I draw strength from his strength. He has such a global support system and an anchor in his family. You are all an inspiration. I don't believe the doctors when they talk about limitations. I believe in miracles. I have seen them happen. And Bryan will triumph. I have great faith in that, with his family behind him, supporting him.
Keep the faith!
# Michele Pearson
Monday, January 02, 2012 4:37 PM
Happy New Year Stow Family! I for one hope to see Bryan back at AT&T park this upcoming season and watching a game! Seeing him up on the big screen will be monumental and mean the world to me as well as thousands of other Giants fans! He is a true inspiration and to each of you, you inspire him everyday so don't ever forget that. What a struggle you have been through but I truly believe 2012 is looking up for you!
In my thoughts and prayers daily!
# Freda
Tuesday, January 03, 2012 1:00 PM
Happy New Year Stow Family,

I just got through reading your post. It brought tears and also memories of when my husband was going through physical therapy. I can only imagine what your going through because it effects people in many ways and sometimes I know what your going through. This whole tragic incident did bring you a lot of people into your lives. And like you said, some of them hurt you by their words. Its unfortunate that there are people out there in the world that say things and they have no idea what your family has gone through and what you guys go through each and every day. Is hard..very hard. But by the grace of God you will get through this!! And what those people say..You know it makes all of you stronger people. And the people that say great things it makes it even a better day. Just remember we all have our faults but the main thing is to stand as one and hold onto each other...Family is very important. I am sure Bryan really appreciate it as well has his children. Just be there for each other. When things get rough for you all sit and will make you feel better. I still continue to pray for all of you and you will all pull through this. It won't be the same but you all have each other.

Is a New Year and better things will come along for you all. Take care and I will continue to pray for Bryan and his loving family and friend. Take care and be strong and be positive even when you reach a low point and when things are not going right.

I am glad you keep us posted on Bryan progress...Keep up the great work you are doing Bryan!!

Lots a love,
# Sharon
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 1:18 PM
Happy New Year Stow Family

What a wonderful Christmas Bryan gave us by being able to tell you that he loves you.

Have a better 2012.

Sharon Mommy to 3 dogs
# Kathleen
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 4:51 PM
Happy New Year Bryan & family!!

During the Christmas of 2011 there was not a day that went by that I did not think of you and pray that you were ok. Since the new year, I have been praying that this year is so much better then 2011 for you and all of you. From the most recent post, the love, the support and your pure dedication to recovery I know it will be.

I continue to think positively, continue to believe and know that with Tyler, Tabitha and all of the Stow family by your side, you will have a great 2012 and really succeed in your recovery. Plus don't forget, they are expecting you at spring training in Arizona!!

All the very best to you Bryan and your great family.
# Bryan's Fan
Thursday, January 05, 2012 2:04 AM
A note to Jacque: Your thoughtful comment touched my heart. Wishing you, and Tyler and Tabitha, a Happy New Year!
# ?
Monday, January 09, 2012 11:04 PM
Hello Bry,
Hope all is going well for the start of 2012. just looking at your photos and see how handsome you are. I am glad you are still rocking your good looks and hope. Sop what is going on with all the cute women coming to visiting you? First you were notices the hot TV women and now ppl are coming to see you. You are like a Rock star. Are you working in sign your name? because you will defiantly will be doing a lot of that when you make your appearance at Giants game. How art class going? have you thought about selling some of your art ? I would buy it. Just have your sisters' post it on the fun raising part of the web site. Have you been able to do any water therapy? It would be best for you to have an out door pool so you can get the tan back. But that will be hard to find. Maybe you can just hang out with your shirt off in the sun. Can't wait to hear the new up date. You are such a huge part of our family. I wish you well. Give your mom a huge hug when you can. As a mom I know she needs it. BTW how the hands and feet going? Are you letting your sister take care of that for you? Go ahead and let them. In a year from now you will not need them to do it. Rock on!
# Angie
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 11:53 AM
Happy New Year Bryan and Stow family,

God bless you all, I continue to remember you in my prayers and hope that 2012 is a year of much healing and happiness for you all!!

Love and hugs,
North Carolina
# Glenn
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 3:48 PM
I'm sure I'm not the only one but I do wish Bryan & his family the best of luck. Bryan I hope you get better soon. I was sadden to hear what happen but its 2012 and this year will be alot better.
# Kathleen
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 5:53 PM
Hi Bryan,

Well here we are, the 11th day of the new year, new month and I am just hoping & praying that you are doing well. I was doing some errands during my lunch break and heard some songs that reminded me of you; ie. Ozzy singing Crazy Train, Imagine (even though it is not the genre you like....) and another one that I can not quite remember.

In any case, wanted to drop a note, let you know that I was thinking of you and your family. I along with my family continue to pray & hope that your recovery journey continues to go so well and you continue to improve.

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Update July 21, 2014
God Bless you guys and hope things get better.I had to take care of my Grandmother and Aunt who were in terrible shape and couldn't take care of themselves but I never saw it as a burden and even though it's hard work it was special to have them alive an with me.

Update July 21, 2014
Bryan, Had to change e-mail sites as we no longer use Suddenlink and they closed our e-mail. Sorry to hear that you had to be in the hospital again. I know you will be recovering and on the mend. Prayers and thoughts are still coming you way on the wings of Angels blown by the West Texas winds. We are still in drought mode, but hopefully, the Good Lord will send rain our way before long. May you have a good summer. G

Update July 21, 2014
Wow. I've got so much sympathy for you guys. Seizures are rough.

My wife suddenly developed epilepsy about 10 years ago - she was in her 40s. The first time she had a seizure, I thought she was dying. It was a very traumatic thing to witness. Luckily, she only has seizures while asleep, so the risk of her hitting her head is very small. But for those of us (well, me) who witness her seizures, it's really frightening. So my hat is off to Bryan's caregiver who took the blow and helped Bryan avoid further trauma to his brain. That is heroic conduct.

Earlier this year, my wife decided that the side effects of her medication were frustrating/debilitating enough that she wanted to taper off her medicine. She did so. Approximately two months after going AED-free, she had a seizure, and then later that night she had a second seizure - two tonic-clonic seizures within about 5 hours. Her brain was so scrambled that she couldn't answer basic questions - she knew her name, but not mine; she couldn't tell me what month it was; and with her words badly slurred, she insisted that she wanted to watch TV but couldn't name a single program that she wanted to watch. After about 90 minutes her memory and comprehension returned, but overall it was quite a setback. It showed that she needs to be on AED medication, and like Bryan, this is a lifetime prescription. My wife's epilepsy is idiopathic while Bryan's is obviously symptomatic, but the end result is the same.

Stay strong, Stow family. Bryan yet lives despite all the injuries he sustained. He's trying to work his way back, but there are so many obstacles in his path. Those of us who have followed his journey know that he's a special guy, but he's human like the rest of us, and he's got foibles and limitations. That doesn't make him any less special. Maybe it makes him a bit more special: after all, he's the World Famous Mr. Bryan Stow.

Update July 21, 2014
Hello Bryan, Listening to older Queensryche and thought of you. Your parents continue to amaze and teach us all what family and community are. Many good families in world and glad you are a part of one, just as I. Ongoing perseverance is remarkable and something anyone reading your updates will learn from. We are all here for encouragement, prayer and to also learn on what an amazing family we are blessed to have met.

Curious if you are listening to any new tunes or what you enjoy when not listening to our San Francisco Giants continue to have great season.

Thank you Stowe family for the beautifully detailed updates. All of Byran's supporters know how busy you are so no need to apologize as we are the ones who are in awe of your spirit, faith and wonderful hearts.

I am sure I speak for many that all of you hopefully take time out just for yourselves to renew your spirit and observe something new that is there for you to enjoy. Make the time and smell the summer and honor all the strength you give to yourself. All of you are inspirational.

Love the Salazar's from the Central Coast :)
Update July 21, 2014
Double hugs as I don't think my initial post went through. Bryan, you are truly an inspiration and are loved by so many, myself included. That goes for your awesome family, too. I am so sorry to hear about the seizures--how scary :( Please take care and I am also so thankful that the trial of the trial is behind you all. God Bless all of you.
Update July 21, 2014
Hi Bryan!
You are always in my thoughts and prayers and best wishes. I greatly appreciate your updates. I even had prayers petitions for you at St Joseph Church in Mountain View where I live. I will start another prayer petition very shortly for you and your family. You have a loving and caring family. God bless you and keep you in his care as well as your wonderful family!

Rosemary Lopez
Update July 21, 2014
Dear Stow Family,
I followed the trial and prayed for more than you got. I continue to keep Bryan, your family, and friends and caregivers in my daily prayers. Those seizures sound very frightening, especially the after effects. It seems to be one step forward, two steps back, like so many other things in life. You are all awesome for what you do every day and night, making all the difference in Bryan's life. Stay strong!
Much admiration and love, Julia Winston
Update July 21, 2014
Hello to the Stow family: the prayers never cease for all of you. Bryan and you have been through such a long horrible journey, I am sure you wish you could just wake up from this nightmare. I thank you for this update.....there are many of us out here who continue the prayer circles and the prayer vigils....thank you for sharing this recent event. I truly wish there was something I could say that would ease the pain and the heartache. God Bless You All.
Keep fighting have a lot of prayer warriors on your are a gem ! ! !
Update July 21, 2014
Hello to all your family. What incredible challenges Bryan, and you, are facing. Last fall, I started the Marty Lurie Fan Club; first as a joke, but it quickly evolved into a way to raise money for Bryan's just seemed like the perfect way for Giants fans to contribute to our larger community. I'm always happy to hear about the various fundraisers. Good luck to you as you travel this road.
Best, Billie Forer
Update July 21, 2014
Continue my prayers for Bryan and the family. I just
Still can't believe that a human or humans could do that
To another person!.. Is totally un forgivable!
May God continue to give you strength and bless you!
Update July 21, 2014
Thank you for the update. I hope that Bryan and the family know how large is his community of suppoters. If there is anything that we can do to support Bryan and his family just say the word!
Update July 21, 2014
Thank you for sharing and yea we know you been kinda of busy so don't ever feel the need to say sorry. It's great that Bryan will be taken care now wit the settlement I would assume it makes your parents and (you two) feel better know he is going to get the care he needs and should have. Not sure if you will be able to put his behind you but, it can move to the side or the back of your mind and your family can maybe somehow focus on their own life for a while. No amount of $ or time serve from the SOB will change anything. Bryan has a new normal. Try to break the OCD if you can. IT's a nightmare. Get him help for that. Usually when they get on mental disorder then more come to follow, keep an look out. Give him lots of love and no matter what and where your family is being though of
Update July 21, 2014
Much love to all the family as always--we are right there with you and will continue to be. Your family's strength and determination are amazing, Bryan:) Good to hear you are a movie buff--me too:)

XOXO and Go Giants--love you buddy!
Update July 21, 2014
You have an amazing family! Wishing a speedy recovery from Iowa!
Update July 21, 2014
Hi Bryan-Know that you are frequently in my thoughts and are never far from the forefront of my mind. Wishing you days of happiness and love.

Update July 21, 2014
All the best to Bryan. Prayers from Santa Cruz. We miss his smile and love for our town. Thanks to the caregivers!
Update July 21, 2014
Bryan, Dave, Ann, Erin, and Bonnie,

It was such a pleasure to meet all of you in Los Angeles. I'm glad that part is behind you and you can focus on being with Bryan and helping him every day. You are all a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to continuing our friendship :)

Dina Currado
March 31, 2014 - 3 years..
Hi again, Bryan!
It always touches my heart to visit your site and it's beautiful to see how much love and support is present. You and your family are an amazing inspiration. Much appreciation!

If you're in town, you may enjoy this awesome event, coming up on July 19th. I’ve volunteered for Shared Adventures Day on the Beach events – some of the best days of my life. Hope to see you there!

Day on the Beach, the highlight of each year, where people with special needs and volunteers team up to share a full day of kayaking, outrigger canoeing, SCUBA diving, beach wheelchair rides, and life-changing memories. Day on the Beach has given participants and volunteers an unforgettable experience of breaking through barriers and seeing dreams become reality.
Generous volunteers lay down over 170 pieces of plywood on frames, creating a unique 5,700 square foot platform on the beach that enables those with mobility issues to travel over the sand with ease to all of our activities. We also offer beach wheel chair rides as an opportunity to explore the beach in a new way!
Every year we have free live music and entertainment, free food, sandcastle building, and much more! Participants represent a diverse range of ages (4 to 83 years old), and come from across the state and even the country to attend.
The 22nd annual Day on the Beach will be July 19th, 2014.
Contact Shared Adventures at (831) 459-7210 or email

With heart and big hugs from Santa Cruz.

March 31, 2014 - 3 years..
I hope Mr Stow gets better. Lucinda Andrade posted
Your story on my Facebook wall- terrible. I wish you
All the best sir.

Semper Fi
March 31, 2014 - 3 years..
I am so very thankful the jury verdict was in your favor. I pray it brings all of you some relief both that the stress of not knowing court-wise is over and simply in general with (I hope) being able to relax a little more. As someone else so beautifully said, I, too, thank you Bryan and family for allowing all of us to love and support you. You are all in my prayers and very best wishes. I know God is forever keeping close watch over you, too. Sending hug and love always.