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Hi everyone! Today marks 6 months since Bryan moved to this rehab facility. It is really amazing to see his progress, though at times there are some steps backwards. Physically there are still his major hurdles, stiffness, pain, the extra bone growth that prevents him from doing simple tasks such as raising his arms. He is doing an amazing job maneuvering his manual wheelchair himself, even in tight spaces, but it takes him awhile to get where he is going and he gets tired. A wheelchair specifically fitted for Bryan has been ordered so we are waiting for that. Sometimes he gets down or discouraged if he can't do something. We tell him that by working at it, he will be able to do it, and that is something we truly believe. He helped pack his lunch this past week, even making his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Tuesday and Friday nights are karaoke nights at his apartment complex. He enjoys going to watch, and he sings the same song every time...Eye of the Tiger. His personality really comes out while singing and he has everyone laughing. Often Bry plays UNO with us or his roommates. We have come to the conclusion that he either doesn't know the rules or is cheating. Judging by his lack of a poker face, we think it's the latter. We know we have said it before but Bryan's smile and laugh means the world to us. Little does he know that with a simple smile, and without saying a word, he lights up the dark.

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