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Bryan's temperature is thankfully back to normal. He is still on antibiotics to clear up the infections. Dr. Manley's team will wait a few days to check to see if the infections are completely gone. If that is the case, then a shunt procedure will be scheduled.

A few updates ago we had mentioned Bryan mouthed some words to us that we weren't quite ready to share. Because he had such a huge step backwards we are hoping he will get back to mouthing "I LOVE YOU"!! On three separate occassions, Bryan told us that he loved us. His nurses, a chaplain and his friend were all able to witness this amazing and beautiful moment. We have been waiting a very long time to hear these words from Bryan.

We cannot wait for more special moments with him.

We couldn't think of more inspiring song than Over the Rainbow. We will NEVER give up on him!

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Hi everyone,

We all know that saying, 2 steps forward, one step back…the last 2 weeks Bryan had, according to Dr. Manley, 3 steps forward, but this past weekend was two steps back. After him being very sleepy, unresponsive and having a slightly elevated fever his doctors ran some tests. His CT scans came back looking ok, his ventricles were only a little larger with the lumbar drain being clamped but it was obvious that he would probably need a shunt.
A spinal fluid test came back positive for an infection, he has a Urinary Tract Infection and staph. Over the weekend his temperature got to an all time high of 39.9, which in Fahrenheit is about 104. They quickly started him on antibiotics and put an ice vest on him to cool him down. His temperature fluctuated all weekend and as of today his temp was 38.4, which is still about 101. They can’t put the shunt in until the infections are gone. Tyler and Tabitha visited today. He gave them kisses, and when asked if he remembers them, he deliberately closed his eyes. We know Bryan is strong, so we hope this passes soon.

In light of the fan violence that occurred at Candlestick park for a pre-season 49’er/Raider game, we felt the need to address it. We have felt, since March 31st, that this tragedy did not happen to Bryan for nothing. We had hoped it would teach people that violence, specifically at sporting events, is unnecessary and wrong. Nobody should feel afraid to root for their team, or bring their families to games. When someone is injured, they are not the only victims. Their families, loved ones and worst of all, their children are victims as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Saturday night’s game and their families.

Where is The Love is a song about all the violence we face in the world today. We felt it was perfect for this update.

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Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a pretty amazing week and a half with Bryan. He’s still doing tons of kissing…Ann got birthday kisses and Tyler and Tabitha got kisses as well. They were so excited! Bryan has also been mouthing words to us. He mouthed something that is so very special to us that we aren’t quite ready to share it yet, but it literally brought tears to our eyes. Slowly but surely he is showing some signs of improvement.

A week ago Bryan got his second prosthetic bone flap put in. He was watched very closely, as the first time he got the bone flap it had to be removed 2 days later. He still has the lumbar drain in and it looks like he will probably need a shunt..possibly next week. But so far, it looks like he is doing good with this bone flap. He’s still sleepy sometimes due to the fluid, but when he’s awake he is pretty responsive.

Our song this week is All You Need is Love because love has gotten us this far. Not only do we have the love of each other, but we have the love of all of you, Bryan’s supporters, and we truly feel like love is what is helping Bryan through this.

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After dilligantly chapsticking up for several days, Erin finally got her much anticipated kiss from Bryan! And it was well worth it. Some days we get very minimal if any responses and other days we get responses like this.

Ann, Erin, Bonnie and Bonnie's daughter Mikayla got to go down to L.A this past week and attend a fundraiser in Santa Monica at The Shack. Once again, we were blown away at how much people care about Bryan and how this has truly affected them. We met so many amazing people and wished we lived closer to The Shack so we could hang out there all the time. Even if it is filled with Philly's fans :) We also were able to stay at our same hotel; the Marriott downtown, and got to see many old friends and remembered why it was home to us for 6 weeks. We got back to our room that afternoon to find a plate of cookies, chocolate milk and a card signed by many employees that said "Welcome home. From your Marriott family". We also got to see all our friends at LAC USC. Everyone from the cafeteria, security, administration, ICU and his doctors. Our dear friend Brian's visit with us was much too short, but wonderful. We are so blessed to have met everyone and will hopefully always have them in our lives.

Today, we joined Matt Lee's family, friends and loved ones to say goodbye to him. Our hearts break for them. His life here was way too short and we saw how much he was loved. We only knew him 4 months, but that was enough to make a lasting impression on us and we will never forget him.

After Matt's funderal, we went to see Bryan. We were all pretty quiet and sad but hopeful and optimistic to see Bryan. We got there and he was pretty sleepy most of the time. Erin and Bonnie were saying goodbye and we were on each side of him bent down. Bonnie asked Bry to give her a kiss goodbye. He opened his eyes, turned his head puckered up and gave her a kiss. Erin then asked for a kiss. He turned his head towards her, puckered up and gave her a kiss too. We called it the Seester Sammich. We are so happy and filled with so much love for him. With Matt as a guardian angel, we know Bry can pull through this.

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Hi everyone!
Since getting the lumbar drain last week, Bryan has been more alert and responsive as the days go by. They have the fluid draining really slow so his responses had been pretty minimal...until yesterday. Yesterday we got the most response from Bry to date. He lifted his left leg slightly when asked, he raised his left arm everytime we asked if we could hold his hand, and the best part? Bonnie asked Bryan if she could have a kiss and every time she asked him, he puckered his lips. The final time when she was leaving, Bonnie asked again for a kiss. Bry turned his head towards her, puckered his lips for the kiss, then turned his head back. The nurse was shocked and excited to see that!
**side note from Bonnie: I have never, in my 32 years, thought I would kiss my brother on the lips, let alone that many times. But cant wait to do it again!
**side note from Erin: I couldn't be there to see it, but I never thought I would be jealous of my brother kissing my sister on the lips...regardless, I am chapsticking up for my next visit.

While we are writing this update we are driving to LA so we can't include our song until we get there. The song: Don't Stop Believing. The reason: not only is it Bryan's karaoke song of choice, but we want to say that we have never stopped believing, wont ever stop believing, and please...don't stop believing in Bryan!

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Today Bryan went in for a CT scan and an MRI. It was decided to stop the blood thinner for his blood clots and to put in an IVC filter. He has had this before to stop blood clots from shooting to his lungs. They stopped the blood thinner because he will also be getting another lumbar drain tonight or tomorrow. He just isn’t absorbing the fluid completely on his own. The drain will work slower this time around, since before it drained too much, too fast. They decided to do this tonight because the past week he has been extremely sleepy and has had very minimal response to commands. The EEG is also back on him to monitor for any seizure activity. We will keep you all posted.

We have met some great people during these past 4 months. 3 of those people are the friends that were with Bryan the night of his attack. Corey, Jeff and Matt. Unfortunately, Matt passed away July 31st.

Our family feels that we have no words of comfort to Matt’s loved ones, as we knew him such a short time. But in that short time, we came to know a great guy who was always smiling. We feel so extremely lucky and honored to have met him. This group of friends has had a rough 4 months; God…we pray for leniency. While Bryan was the one seriously injured that night, there were 4 victims. Please pray for Matt Lee and his loved ones, as well as Corey and Jeff…they will need strength to help them through these hard times.

Matt….May you rest in peace.

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Bryan wearing his favorite pair of "Billy Bob" teeth