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Hi everyone! We are hoping you understand why it has taken us so long to post any updates. A lot has happened as you probably know and we are just praying that it is over and we can put all our focus back on Bryan where it belongs.
We have kept Bryan updated on everything that happened in Los Angeles the past few months but he usually forgets within days. Sometimes that feels like a good thing. We just want him happy which is why we have always tried to hide our emotions in front of him whether sad, frustrated or angry.
A few weeks ago Bryan had a seizure. When he was first hurt he had constant brain seizures and the reality of those still happening is there, so he will be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of his life. This was his first full body seizure and we are so thankful one of his amazing caregivers was there to let Bryan fall on him so his head didn’t hit the tile. It’s scary to think about if that had happened and we know the results could have been catastrophic for him. Bryan’s elbow and hip hit the wall on his way down. We had thought naively that we were passed ambulance rides to the emergency room and hospital stays. It was a reminder that with his injury and all the side effects because of it, that threat will always be there. Dave, Ann & Erin were in Los Angeles scared and feeling so far away. Thank God Bonnie and her fiancé were able to be with him. In the hospital Bryan was almost speaking gibberish and getting most of the questions wrong. In the hours and days following the seizure it was obvious how much it affected him physically as well as cognitively. He no longer was able to even attempt to use a walker even a few steps and was in constant pain. And when having conversations with him, his speech was slower, his responses were delayed and he would use incorrect words. We are so lucky to have amazing caregivers that stretch and move Bryan every morning, so slowly he is working his way back to where he was before the seizure.
He still enjoys going to the movies and sometimes because of his memory, he sees the same movie twice and doesn’t know it. He used to mostly love horror movies and Bonnie was his horror movie buddy, but now he seems to love them all. Most recently he saw and loved Maleficent and the Lego Movie. His personality changes at times are huge including what seems to be obsessive compulsiveness. That’s just part of the “new Bryan” who we love so much.

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