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With our visiting schedules set to make sure someone is with Bryan every day, we always get a big smile and a “what are you doing here?”, but he may be tired and quiet. We have noticed that when there is too much going on around him, he starts to shut down. He is continuing with therapy, but still requires help doing everyday things.
We remind him of funny stories all the time, hoping the memories are still there and some are. Thankfully he still has a sense of humor so if he doesn't remember a story, he still finds it funny. We have also noticed a slightly different personality. He has a sweetness and politeness about him that results in a lot of "I love you's" and kisses goodbye.
We read all of your comments (thank you!) and noticed that some of you have downloaded the songs we have posted. We have too and now have Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Bry’s website songs. We remember why each song was posted and what was going on at that time. Some are harder to listen to (Train’s Calling All Angels when Bryan had to have emergency surgery to remove the boneflap), some make us smile (the Beatles Here Comes The Sun when Bryan went outside for the first time and said it was “magical”) and some make us laugh (Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock when Bryan decided he wanted to grow his hair long again). Through these postings and our songs, we realize just what a road we all have been on.
Bryan has sleep apnea, which is a common occurrence with TBI so he has been sleeping with a CPAP machine, which he says keeps him awake. It also rubs the bridge of his nose and continuously scabs. We have asked for an alternative so hopefully that will come this week. He was experiencing abdominal pain which they think might be diverticulitis.
Bryan's memory is still a mystery. At times we are surprised when he remembers certain things, but then there is a lot he doesn't remember. We like to remind Bryan about when him and Erin locked a 5 year old Bonnie in her bedroom while Dave and Ann were at work. Bonnie being Bonnie, climbed out her window and waited on the front step until someone came home. Not only that, she waited in her footie pajamas. When we tell Bry that story, seeing his smile is heartwarming and hearing his genuine laugh is truly music to our ears! When we see that smile, we know we can face anything.

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