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Bry's Fortune 6/27/12

Bryan’s fortune could not be more fitting for him and we just had to share.
He is still working hard with all of his therapies. Some days are just better than others and we’ve come to accept that. Bry has always been strong willed and fortunately, that hasn’t changed. He’s never given up, and neither will we.
He is a true inspiration to us all!


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Ever since March 31st, 2011, we have had the utmost respect and confidence in the LAPD, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. We will continue to thank and praise them for all their dedication and hard work, regardless of the outcome, even after this is long over. Obviously we want justice, but that wouldn’t even be possible if it weren’t for all that has been put into it. They continued to update us and keep in contact but we were able to put all our focus on Bryan and not think too much about this case. We put our faith and trust into everyone involved and we know that it is important to them as well to see justice prevail in the end of all this.

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Stow Family Album

Tim, Bryan & Jeremy - 2014 World Series