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Hi everyone! We would first like to start off by expressing our gratitude that over a year later, you are still here, thinking about and praying for Bryan. We thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown our entire family.
Once again, we have settled into a new routine that, despite the distance, allows at least one of us to be with Bryan every single day. Our excitement in seeing him gets us through the drive there but leaving is difficult. Walking out the door is heart wrenching. We also ask that you keep our safety in your prayers as well.
As we have said before, Bryan’s memory was hugely affected, mainly his short term. It’s really hard to see him forget even something that happened minutes ago. However, because of this, every time we tell him about Tyler throwing out the first pitch, it’s as if he just heard it for the first time and we get to see his face light up over and over again.
We have learned a lot about TBI’s throughout all of this. We have met other families who have gone through it and heard their stories. The similarities at times are almost refreshing but no brain injury is the same. Bryan still doesn’t understand or realize what has happened. When he expresses frustration or seems sad or confused we just remind him of how far he has come and how strong he is. We hear about patients getting frustrated about what they can no longer do as easily as before or angry because they are no longer the person they once were. Bryan does express frustration at times but luckily, because he isn’t aware of the drastic change from who he was to who he is, the anger isn’t there. We explain to him what happened, minus some details, but we are constantly waiting for that realization. We know people don’t fully understand TBI’s, and some will stare and some may make comments. We have become very protective of him and should he ever realize exactly what is going on around him, we will be there. To tell him yes, he’s a different man…..but to us, he’s perfect just the way he is.

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