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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! Hard to believe that Christmas is here, and 2012 is right around the corner. We feel so blessed that we are able to spend Christmas as a family. We take this time to reflect on what the meaning of Christmas is and every one of you have shown us the true meaning. It's family, compassion, it's giving and sharing without expecting or wanting anything in return. We are continually humbled by the huge hearts of the people who have supported Bryan, Tyler and Tabitha, and our family.
We want to thank everyone for their kind words and support in regards to the interview on Rock Center. It was a hard decision to make to do the interview but we were assured that we were making the right decision after asking Bryan more then once if he was OK with it. Every decision we have made up until now has been in Bryan's best interest, and it's comforting to know that we can now make decisions WITH Bryan.

After a couple weeks of noticing a change in Bryan's alertness, it was discovered that he had a bladder infection. He's on antibiotics and is doing better but is back to being tube fed until his swallowing gets better. We have been given the OK to give him mashed potatoes and gravy tomorrow during dinner. The bladder infection affected his therapies but he's now back on track. We have decorated his room, which helps him remember what holiday is coming up. His little tree is covered in beautiful ornaments that were sent to him, as well as ones Tyler and Tabitha made with him.

We want to take a moment also to say Happy Birthday to Matt Lee, who would have been 27 today. Not a day goes by that one of us doesn't think about you and we wear your bracelet right next to Bryan's.
We picked this song for our update because the lyrics are truly inspirational and beautiful. It's not the most touching version of this song, but it's for sure the most suiting for our heavy metal lover, Bryan.

From the Stow family to your family....we wish you all a safe and VERY Merry Christmas

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Hi you guys! We are so sorry it has taken us so long to post an update. As you can guess, life has been crazy.

The response to Bryan and our Thanksgiving Day picture was unbelievable!! So thank you!

Bry continues to amaze us with his strength and his determination. He proves it daily during all of his therapies.

Last week he had surgery to remove the kidney stones. As expected, he was uncomfortable afterwards, but continued with his therapy schedules.

An interesting change we noticed, is he no longer wants us touching his feet and hands. Which makes it a challenge to keep them looking good. One time Bonnie tried to be sneaky by doing it while he was sleeping. She clipped one toenail, his eyes popped open and he forcibly said "no Bonnie!". We've learned to just talk him through it and promise not to hurt him.

The other night Jacque brought Tabitha to painting class with him. She brought some ornaments they painted together (and turned out beautiful!). As they were leaving Bryan said to Tabby "I love you baby". What a special moment for her and according to Jacque, Tabby was beyond happy.

We love these small (yet huge) moments with him and couldn't be more blessed to have him here.

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