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Hi everyone! We can’t believe it has been this long since our last post. Bryan has been working hard getting some physical therapy in. He does a lot of water therapy and you should see him in that pool! We tease him that we are signing him up for synchronized swimming.
Saturday he was given the opportunity to announce “play ball!” at the World Series! Every time we see the video, it brings tears to our eyes. That was the happiest we have ever seen him. The San Francisco Giants organization has been there for Bryan from the beginning and we can never stop thanking them for that. Two of his biggest supporters were at his side on the field, supporting him and even reminding him on what to say. Thank you Tim Flannery and Jeremy Affeldt! We will forever be grateful for everything you have done for Bryan! We hope Bryan won’t forget that moment, but we have no disillusions with the fact that he probably will. We will just remind him by showing him the countless news clips and pictures. We can picture his smile now.
A possible side effect of a traumatic brain injury is not knowing what is appropriate or not appropriate to say or do. Often, Bryan has problems with that. We are never quite sure what he will say. Most of the time it is funny and we can all laugh about it. Other times, we just have to explain why that wasn’t the best thing to do or say.
We are hoping to get Bryan’s surgery for the extra bone growth that developed in his left elbow. This has been a constant source of pain for him and is unable to raise his arm more than a few inches. He already had one surgery for this problem on his left hip. Because of his past issues with blood clots, he is on blood thinner probably for the rest of his life. Any surgery on him makes us a little nervous since he will have to be taken off the blood thinner a few days before.
The song we included is so meaningful for our family. It was special 8 years ago when Erin and Dave danced to it at her wedding and even more so now. We are by his side no matter what, through the good times and the hard times.

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