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It’s official! Bryan cheats at Uno and he gets it from Dave.
As always, there are good days and not so good days. Despite the extra bone growth he developed, he still is working hard in all his therapies. It is painful for him and he is adamant that his fingers are broken (they aren’t) and one time insisted he had a broken foot.
His memory is very unpredictable and we don’t know what he will remember and what he won’t. We imagine that this is something that will be a part of his recovery for a long time. Sometimes, trying to bring back those memories for him is fun, however, most recently Bry had forgotten our grandparents had passed away; one in 2006 and one in 1993. We had to help him mourn that loss all over again, which was emotional.
On a happier note, Bryan is back to caring about what his hair looks like and needs to put gel in it every morning. He still loves doing karaoke twice a week and still sings Eye of the Tiger (several times with growls) and has added Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera, which cracks us up every time.
We are still surprised and happy when Bryan receives cards in the mail even 1 ½ years later. To know that what happened to him had such an impact on so many people is truly amazing. We came across this article which we attached below. It meant a lot because it is from our home town of Capitola. The picture that was included was one we had never seen before but still warms our heart. Instead of a song, we think this picture says it all. Thank you to this unknown person and to you all for still caring and believing in Bryan.


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