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Hi everyone. A lot has happened since we last wrote. Right now Bry is in the hospital with a large blood clot that reached from his thigh to his pelvis. He was first admitted last week and was immediately put on several blood thinners and then was released. The swelling didn’t go down and he was in a lot of pain. He was sent via ambulance to the ER and was again admitted Wednesday. He had a procedure done to have a filter put in his abdomen to catch any clots from breaking off and going into his lungs. They also did an injection in his vein to help dissolve the clot and prevent any others.  He’s expected to be in the hospital at least through the weekend. Needless to say, we are scared and worried. We thought we were past the point of being afraid of Bryan even surviving. The doctor told Bonnie last night that due to the size and hardness of the clot, he is surprised it didn’t kill him. Really tough words to hear and now that Bryan is more aware of what’s going on, he’s scared too. We have always tried to shield him from knowing too many of these hard details, but now we just have to deal with it with him and try to stay positive.

So we are asking for some prayers right now. Bry has a huge support system (you!) and knowing that along with his strength and perseverance, he will get through this.
Dave, Ann, Erin & Bonnie

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Happy New Year! As usual, here we are apologizing for the late update. Time seems to get away from us more quickly now. When we think back to when Bryan was first injured and the road to recovery he’s been on, at times it feels like it’s been years- this has been our life for as long as we can remember. We will continue to be by his side every step of the way-through the good and the bad.
We are happy to say that we were all able to spend Christmas together and it was wonderful.
Bry is still recovering from his hip surgery and is in constant pain. We figured the surgery would set back his recovery, and it did. The pain keeps him up at night, making him sleepy and, dare we say, moody in the morning. The pain has also slowed his physical therapy down. But as usual, he’s not a quitter and pushes himself to his limits. The facility he is at just opened a brand new clinic and we are excited to see the benefits of the new equipment and programs.
We are still so humbled by the fact that, even though it’s almost been two years, people have not forgotten and still want to support Bryan and his family. The support includes, but is obviously not limited to, ongoing fundraisers.  Santa Cruz, our hometown, has had a few recently and one coming up. We would like to thank Mission Hill Creamery for donating a portion of the proceeds of your grand opening to Bryan and Jerry’s Sports, who were donating the proceeds weekly from Thursday batting cages. Their ongoing fundraising supported Bry. Also, the amazing Tim Flannery (3rd base coach for the San Francisco Giants ) and his band The Lunatic Fringe are doing THREE benefit shows for Bryan this month, including one here in Santa Cruz!
On a side note, we read all of the comments and just love them! We show them to Bryan and he can’t believe that’s it’s all because of him. Sometimes there are questions in the comments that we either can’t answer in an update or forget to answer. If anyone has any questions, you can email us at any time at
We want to thank everyone for all the continued support, and would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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