Giving 4 Bryan

The organizations and companies listed below are donating a portion of their proceeds to the Bryan Stow Fund.

Listings are based on good faith. The Stow family and this website cannot guarantee or track any proceeds from any purchase.

Guaranteed donations can be made here>>

Campaigns Giving 100%

Free E-Waste Pickup Fundraiser

All you have to do is go to:

Fill in your information and enter The Bryan Stow Fund as the benificiary.
Within a few days a dispatcher will call you to schedule an at home or
office pickup date. Then, your electronics will be picked up, recycled
and the proceeds will be sent to The Bryan Stow Fund.

You can also call eWaste4good at 800-317-3112

Items they pickup, working or not:

All Televisions Video Games Scanners Networking Equipment
Computer Monitors Computers Laptops Keyboards
Fax Machines Calculators Stereo Systems Mice
Desktop Copiers Cell Phones Medical Equipment Misc Wires and Cords
Telephones Printers Power Tools Speakers
Vacuum Cleaners Printers Small Appliances And Much More!



I would like to offer my services for fundraising for this great cause. I am a Gold Canyon Manager & will offer, all of my profits,from my website to this amazing family. I will be offering this for the entire month of May!

Traci Brazil

Kristen Duffy -

My name is Kristen Duffy, I am a portrait photographer in Lodi CA. I am also a friend of Bryan's cousin Kelly (Stow) O'Donnell. I have been following Bryan's story and have decided that I would like to contribute my photographic services for a fundraiser for Bryan and his family. I am proposing to hold a "gift certificate drive" if you will, where participants can purchase gift certificates for a portrait session and a print, and the net proceeds from each gift certificate sold (all I would keep is the printing cost of the photographic prints and the certificates) would go directly to Bryan and his family. I thought there could be several levels of gift certificates to offer, so people could contribute moore or less depending on their budget, such as:
Session and one 8x10 $30.00 ($27.14 to Bryan)
Session and one 11x14 $50.00 ($39.39 to Bryan)
Session and one 16x20 $ 75.00 ($50.64 to Bryan)
Sincerely, Kristen Duffy

Kristen Duffy Photography

Kameron Ferdman -

I offer Gold Canyon candles.  Our corporate office is in Arizona.  You can view my website at to see our entire catalog page by page.  I want to donate 100% of my profit.  Those who would like to make a purchase may do so by going directly to my website, ordering online and having their order shipped to the location of their choice anywhere in the US and even Canada!
Our candles are made in the USA, are the strongest fragrant candle on the market AND are all double wicked for an even burn (there is no tunneling down the center, like with most candles)!
Kameron Ferdman
Independent Demonstrator, Gold Canyon Candles
(805) 368-7858

Shop 24/7

Christel M. Meinhold -

I am donating 100% proceeds for orders made through the end of May.

 Kathy & Butch Michel -

We have an online Shopping Network Website ( and we would like to pledge our commission from sales off our shopping website through May 31st to Brian and his family.

People who want to shop at their favorite online store, go to our website, they open a free account and all the commission money we receive through May 31st will be donated.

Kathy & Butch (Raphael) Michel
"We offer more than just travel"
ytb CA-CST# 205 7620-40

Rita Mulholland -

I will be running a fundraiser for Bryan at my Scentsy website and have all the monetary compensation for the sale of any and all Scentsy products sold under Bryan's name through May 31st donated to The Stow Fund.

I am a security officer in a New Jersey school district and we feel very bad for what happened to Bryan. We are saying our prayers for all of his family and hope to make a great donation to his cause. You are in our prayers...God Bless you all...

With Love Rita Mulholland

Karen Peters -

My website is  I would donate 100% of my profits for the month of May.  I make 30% of my sales so that is what I would donate towards Bryans' care and recovery.  Please choose Bryan Stow as the host at check out so I know that the purchase is designated for Bryan. Thank you for considering my help.  It would be an honor.  Karen Peters

Mandy Powell -

I'm donating my commission for all website orders through the end of May to Bryan Stow and his family. Bryan is the CA Giants fan that was badly beaten after the game at Dodgers Stadium last month. He suffered serious brain injuries and remains in ICU. Every little bit we can do will help his family tremendously. Thank you all!

Mandy Powell

Gold Canyon provides The World’s Finest® candles, candle scents, home décor and environmentally friendly home cleaning products. 

Lacey Rothacker -

Buy Avon and Support Bryan Stow.  For fundraiser to work, please use the link below to purchase product ~  All net profits will be donated to The Bryan Stow Fund.

click on Online Events
click on Shop My Online Event link

Lacey Rothacker
Avon Asst District Manager


Campaigns Giving Up to 50%


Sign up for the GGG Walkathon to help GIVE much needed funds to Bryan Stow. Registration is FREE! 50% of money you raise will go directly to the Bryan Stow Fund. If you are unable to walk, you can contribute to Bryan personal fundraising page by clicking here:

Registration starts at 9:00 AM on the 23rd of October, 2011. Walk begins at 11:00 AM leaving from our sponsor,  Wells Fargo Bank in Studio City. CA. A complimentary breakfast sponsored by Western Bagel will be provided.  Get all your friends together! Will be lots of fun and for a great cause. You must register here prior to the event: Please list BRYAN STOW as your 'referred by.'  Once registered, we will send you a link to your own personal fundraising page.

The person who raises the most money is definitely in for a treat.

The first 100 people to raise $1000 will receive an awesome gift bag. (must participate in walk)

Check back here for updated information on the Good Girls Give Walkathon:

Each fundraising page will have a $1000 goal with a minimum donation of $5, unless you specify different.

All are welcome!! Dogs too!

Our adventures enhancing the life of a long-lost friend with Locked-In Syndrome turned into a non-profit 501c3 that will help other deserving individuals with various disabilities have the chance to receive their Dream Day. Anyone with a disability is encouraged to submit their personal story – family members and friends are also welcome to nominate individuals -- in a short video, along with a description of what their Dream Day would be.

Below is a video of our first recipient:

Campaigns Giving Up to 25%

Ann Boulais & Maria Delgado-Pontani - Sports Card Bling

Ann Boulais and I are partners in a venture called Sports Card Bling.

Sports Card Bling will donate 25% of sales from ALL merchandise to Bryan's fund to assist with his medical/living expenses during his family's time of need. Please make sure to put "Bryan Stow" in the comments or message field.

Sharyn Simmons -

Buy Avon and Support Bryan Stow.  For fundraiser to work, please use the link below to purchase product between now and 6/30  ~  All net profits will be donated with a minimum of 25%.

click on Online Events
click on shop this link that has 'for Bryan Stow'

or go to:
Search Avon Rep by phone # 8314758884 then click 'online events'

Free Shipping Offer - see site for details ($30 min order).

Sharyn Simmons
Independent Avon Rep

Natalie VonToussaint -

Would love to do a similar fundraiser like the Pampered Chef, but for Stella & Dot.

Natalie VonToussaint, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist will donate
15% of all sales to the organization

We will be doing this through the month of May!

*To shop go to
*Select "Can't Make it to a Trunk Show?  Find your hostess"
*Enter Bryan Stow as the host.
—If you have any questions or would like a catalog sent
to you please contact me at

Gina Byas -

Curly Gurly couture is a personally owned business in St Louis, MO. Gina Byas, the owner, sells vintage hair accessories, Childrens leg warmers and bridal accessories. I have made a special hair accessory that is perfect for Spring and would like to donate 10% of all sales on this particular accessory between now and May 31st.

You may visit the following link to view this item!/pages/Curly-Gurly-couture/163006383718183 (Product- "Sweet Spring") or my Etsy page and see listing for "Sweet Spring" -

Now through May 31st!.